Solana (Sol) powered gaming platform hacked, token crashes 35%


A hacker attacked the Aurory gaming platform and stole nearly 80% of the funds from its AURY-USDC liquidity pool.

Aurory is a popular gaming platform on the Solana network. $Aury is the native token of this gaming platform. This gaming platform offers blockchain-based tactical Japanese role-playing games. Platform users can play against each other via characters. Each character is NFT and players always need to have these characters to play the game. In short, Aurora is a Play-2-Earn model-based blockchain platform. 

On 18 Dec 2023, An unknown hacker attacked SyncSpace bridge and successfully stole 80% of the funds from the AURY-USDC liquidity pool. 

Hacker drained nearly 600k $AURY tokens to Arbitrum & sold all. The SyncSpace team took sudden action to prohibit further hack incidents.

Following this bad incident, the trade price of the $Aury token crashed by 35% within a few hours. Currently, this token is trading below 22% over the last 24 hours trade price.

Solana (Sol) powered gaming platform hacked, token crashes 35% 1

The trade price of Solana (Sol) coin is $69.5 & this trade price is 2.62% down over the last 24 hours. 

November & Hacking Incidents

In Nov of this year, hackers targeted many crypto platforms and drained nearly $300 million worth of crypto assets. They targeted KyberSwap Defi exchange, Poloniex crypto exchange, HTX crypto exchange, and Heco chain bridge. 

Surging hacking incidents across Defi platforms are showing a clear picture of the bad security level of the Defi protocols. However, the majority of the Defi platforms are not 100% decentralised which is not a big issue for the majority of the crypto Investors but here lack of security is a big concern. 

So far more than 4 years have been completed by this Defi sector and now it is time to fight against vulnerability otherwise people will start distancing themselves from such platforms.

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