Spain will see 100 Bitcoin ATMs in 2022

Spain is going to achieve the third rank in this crypto industry, in terms of huge numbers of ATM kiosks. 

Right now crypto and Blockchain adoption is at tremendous level. The majority of the crypto companies are trying to bring big-level innovations to bring the use case of crypto assets with their services. Bitcoin ATM Kiosks are also one of the examples to do business in this crypto industry. Right now, US is at the top in terms of the highest numbers of Bitcoin ATM availability at multiple locations.

Spain-based Bitcoin payment company Bitnovo established a partnership with Euro coin. Under the partnership, both of these two companies will install 100 Bitcoin ATMs in Spain, this year. 

Eurocoin is a popular European company, which is giving a huge supply of electronic components. Eurocoin Group was founded in 1973 and now there are a total of 6 offices in the whole of Europe, which is a clear indication of how much reach this company is in effect, in Europe.

If we see Spain in Europe in terms of holding Bitcoin ATMs booths, then Spain will come at the first place. And now, with these total of 100 new Bitcoin ATM installations, Spain will rank 3rd position in this world. 

Right now, the US and Canada are standing at the top two positions with the highest numbers of Bitcoin ATMs. Recently, the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender by an American country El Salvador also resulted in the birth of more than 200 Bitcoin ATMs in the US. 

New installations of Bitcoin ATMs will support Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and Monero (XMR) beside Bitcoin. 

Fernando Dumont, CEO of Eurocoin, commented on this partnership and described this partnership as the biggest move of the company in the crypto industry. 

Dumont also emphasized that such moves by the crypto and traditional financial companies will help to establish the existence of crypto and traditional payments systems together. 

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