Spanish Bank BBVA Launches Bitcoin Trading App for Private Customers In Switzerland


After a total 6 months of trial by Spanish bank, BBVA Switzerland launched their Bitcoin trading app for their private customers only.

BBVA published an article on their official website saying, The largest second bank BBVA will now offer their service of Bitcoin trading application platform for those users who are their private clients.

This is the first ever project of BBVA in the field of Cryptocurrency services. And their services are only available for those Clients who are in Switzerland.

The crypto trading service on their app will start on 21 June.

Since the project of the Bitcoin trading platform by BBVA was already in development by last year.

But after a total 6 month of trial they are ready to launch.

According to the published blog, the Bank will allow only bitcoin trading. But surely in future they will add a few other coins which have a good reputation and trust level in the Cryptocurrency field .

In the Bitcoin trading app of BBVA, customers will be able to swap their coins  into any fiat currency like EUR & USD easily.

Their services are currently limited to those Clients who belong to Switzerland.

In the Bitcoin trading app, a user can use Bitcoin and traditional currency together without any restriction.

announcement at twitter

Well here we can see that day by day new international level banks are integrating the services of Cryptocurrency with fiat currency.

The future of Cryptocurrency is probably much brighter than what we expect.

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