Square plans to make single open-source Bitcoin mining system

To enhance the accessibility of the bitcoin mining network, Jack Dorsey planned to create an open source Bitcoin mining system.

Jack Dorsey CEO twitter recently introduced Bitcoin tiping feature in the Twitter to allow the creators to receive tips by their fans in small amounts without any restriction of location of the users. With integration of the Bitcoin-like decentralized feature in Twitter, the social media giant proved its commitment to make social media nature decentralized. 

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In the latest, Jack Dorsey revealed his plan to bring huge global support to the network of bitcoin by making the Bitcoin mining network open source & easily accessible. 

For the making of a decentralized Bitcoin mining network, Jack Dorsey’s Square will invest in the technical field that is required to bring the initiative live. 

In order to follow the collaborative decentralized network of bitcoin mining, Jack Dorsey explained about it with numbers of tweets and added 

“Square is considering building a Bitcoin mining system based on custom silicon and open source for individuals and businesses worldwide. The more decentralized this is, the more resilient the Bitcoin network becomes.”

According to Jack Dorsey, to make the Bitcoin transactions settlements better, this initiative for Bitcoin mining support is necessary. And Dorsey wants to make bitcoin mining environmentally friendly with the solutions of innovation in silicon, software, and integration.

 Jesse Dorogusker, Hardware lead of Square, will led this planning of Jack Dorsey. Earlier this, Jesse helped Square by leading the custody of service of the Square hardware wallet. 

Jack Dorsey also asserted that Bitcoin mining is not accessible to everyone easily. According to Jack, bitcoin mining should be easy just like plugging the mining rig with the source. 

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