Finally twitter introduced Bitcoin tiping feature

Twitter officially announced the integration of Strike API with twitter to allow Bitcoin payments.

In the last month, lots of hype was spreading about the micro Bitcoin payment feature of twitter. While already Twitter confirmed that they will integrate the Bitcoin payment feature but after that only rumours and news were revolving in intergate. But today Twitter officially announced it. 

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On 23 September, Jack Mallers, shared this news of twitter with a tweet and said that “today Twitter enabled free, instant global payment for their users with the integration of Strike ”.

So finally today, all rumours are no more rumour and Twitter introduced his feature of Bitcoin payments. But here we should not see this option as a new integrated system in twitter, because this is only an extended Tiping feature of Twitter. As we know Tip feature was already available but not allowed and available for every user because of country and location issues but now Bitcoin will surely try to cover the global network. 

Under this feature, every user will be able to give tip in the form of Bitcoin payment to their favourite artists, mentors, analysts, traders, influencers, and more easily without boundation.

This feature will be fully available for the IOs users first and after that it will be available for the Android users. But here we have to for the next week. 

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