Survey indicates Walmart Should Accept Bitcoin

A latest survey on Walmart customers shows that Walmart should make a decision to adopt crypto, specially Bitcoin. 

Recently, some people/individuals created a fake hype that Walmart will accept litecoin crypto as a payment option. As we know Walmart is a big grocery retail store company, so the fake hype made litecoin surge rapidly. But later Walmart company officially said that there is no ongoing partnership with Litecoin and the news of Walmart-Litcecoin partnership is fake news. 

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Now in the latest, a survey conducted by the Morning Consult, they published the survey report on 21 September. Survey shows that shopper of the Walmart are two times more than the number of average Americans who hold Bitcoin. 

Survey indicates Walmart Should Accept Bitcoin 1

Survey report also shows that around each third person visiting Walmart more than two times a week has a relation with crypto. 

If we talk about the overall Bitcoin holders by the average active shoppers of Walmartz then we can see that only 16% of the non-walmart shoppers own crypto. While 16% of the people own Bitcoin in the US. 

This survey report claims that Walmart should think about the Bitcoin or any other crypto asset in their payment mode because there is a significant amount of the crypto users in the list of active crypto users of the Walmart. 

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