SushiSwap Founder Chef Nomi Sold 100% Sushi Tokens


Recently the pseudo-anonymous founder of SushiSwap (SUSHI) has reportedly sold 100% of his tokens after a series of reassuring tweets. He said:

“People have asked me to stop this scam. The fact that I sold all my tokens only affects the overall price, but I am satisfied with the result.” According to his Twitter account, the founders of Sushi Token, called “Chef Nomi,” have traded all their tokens for Ethereum (ETH).

sushiswap founder chef nomi

The SushiSwap community has agreed to the migration from Uniswap to SushiSwap, and this move is essential for the community. More importantly, they can focus on the technical part of this migration, not the financial aspect.

Just ten days after the project started, the creator sold 2.56 million SUSHI. The tokens fell 99% when the top token holders came onto the market. Those who do not believe in this experiment’s idea can return to the original SushiSwap project, which is now sold out.

The pseudo-anonymous SUSHI token creator removed liquidity from the token and then sold 100% of it in a transaction on September 4, 2017. The anonymous founder of Sushi Swap was defrauded, according to a new report on the New York Stock Exchange (NASDAQ: DFI), and converted all of his sushi tokens into ETH as of September 5. The founder of the sushi token, who is known on Twitter as “Chef Nomi,” swapped his entire sushi token pool for Ethereum (ETH) on October 5. It seems that one of the transactions was withdrawn from this pool and exchanged by SUSHI for ETH.

While on a recent conversation on WeChat, the creator also assured the community that he would not sell the tokens. Dev’s rewards were converted into the MultiSig wallet before selling, citing a focus on paperwork. Furthermore, he also assured his community that they had control over their wallets, not the developer’s wallet’s share.

According to CoinMarketCap, at the time of writing, SUSHI was trading at $2.29 USD after seeing a 51% dip from $4.96.

He also said that he didn’t care about the price and that he deserved it anyway. Ironically, he was the first to tweet that he was referring to SUSHI as ETH, and it was trading at $2.29.

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