Tampa’s Mayor Becomes 4th US Mayor to Accept Salary In Bitcoin

Tampa Bay Mayor Jane Castor became the latest to join the challenge of Anthony Pompliano. 

Recently, three mayors of the United States joined the Bitcoin salary challenge and now Tampa Bay’s mayor jumped in this challenge. 

On 2 November, Crypto influencer Anthony Pompliano wrote on Twitter  “who will be the first US politician to accept Bitcoin”. 

After the tweet of Pompliano, a total of three politicians joined the Bitcoin salary challenge. And now this is Jane Castor, mayor of Tampa Bay. Jane became the fourth US politician to accept a salary in Bitcoin. 

In the two day event “Bitcoin & Blockchain Summit” sponsored by blockchain financial services network Celsius, Jane announced his decision to go with Bitcoin salary. For this initiative, Jane urged Nuke Goldstein- co-founder of Celsius network– to help them to accept Dollar into Bitcoin payment. 

“With the nudging of Nuke, he sent me…a challenge from some mayors to take their pay in the form of bitcoin. I am taking that challenge but as I told Nuke I do need a responsible adult to guide me in that direction”

After the popularity of the Bitcoin salary payment by US politicians, Anthony took another decision to push the adoption of Bitcoin. Anthony urged the US citizens to tag their mayor and politicians, whether they are bitcoin-friendly or not. 

“Another mayor has decided to take their salary in Bitcoin. The running count is now 4 mayors across the United States this week. Tag your mayor and ask them if they are bitcoin-friendly :)”

Why is the Mayor going with Bitcoin Salary?

Here all these mayors are just part of the politician’s group and they are accepting salaries in Bitcoin because of the political game. 

In actuality, there is a separate community of crypto traders & holders. Crypto users needed crypto-friendly political leaders. So here, if these politicians will accept Bitcoin then there are huge chances that existing ruling politicians will be able to grab a decent percentage of votes in the upcoming mayoral election.

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