Telegram Launch TON Testnet Block Explorer and Node Software

Encrypted social messaging service provider Telegram has launched Telegram Open Network (TON) testnet block explorer and node software.

Telegram released its telegram open network TON testnet block explorer and node software on its website live from 6 September, before the unlocking of it’s Gram Tokens.

Gram Tokens Unlock in Two Monthd

Bitcoinik reported that some anonymous investors in Telegram private Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that raised $1.7 billion revealed that telegram will distribute GRAM Tokens by October.

The investors said that Telegram has a long term goal and will available Gram Tokens for all its 300 million users.

According to a post by Russian news outlet Vedomosti who quoted a TON private investors that the release of node software and block explorer was set to 1 September for public. The testnet version of blockchain may include the features of sharding and various consensus mechanism.

Telegram launched a beta testing version of TON blockchain to a limited global developers in April. Some anonymous developers said that the TON blockchain is extremely fast.

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