Terra founder plans to bring more use cases for UST


Terra announced to bring more use cases with the stablecoin UST in multiple crypto ecosystems like Ethereum, Solana, etc. 

Terra is a popular crypto project in the crypto industry. Its native token Luna is standing strong in the top 10 list in the crypto Industry. UST is the stablecoin of this project, which is standing at 19th rank in the crypto industry. These are enough to introduce this project, that how much it covers the crypto industry.

The team of Terra brought a proposal to bring more use cases in different Defi platforms. But that proposal has not passed yet, because everything is part of the community. The Terra community will probably support the proposal because all these are part of pushing the adoption of the Terra ecosystem. 

Through a document: UST Goes Interchain: Degen Strats Part Three, Terra explained how it will introduce the use of $139 million at different projects. 

Through the proposal, the Terra project team explained that they want to bring the use of UST on the Ethereum Defi Platforms. These are part of the planning of Do Kwon- Terra Founder to bring high-level use cases of UST. 

The two projects in the Ethereum ecosystem are Tokamak & Rari Fuse. Terra team will deploy a $50 million minimum for the next 6 months. So there will be an option for the Terra community to vote in the LUNA Token Reactor.

In RariFuse, Terra will invest around $20 million for the next 6 months. And the main aim to invest in RariFuse is to bring easy and cheapest borrowings on the platform. 

Besides these two platforms, Yield aggregator Convex Finance will get $18 million of investment for six months. So liquidity providers will be able to earn Luna coins. 

OlympusDAO will receive a total of $1.425 million. With this funding, there are huge chances that OlympusDAO will bring OlympusPro to Terra protocols. Because this DAO is already in partnership with Terra. 

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