Texas Becoming Hot-Spot For Mining Firms After China’s War On Crypto

Huge numbers of crypto mining firms are entering Texas State and new mining firms are also waiting to enter. After the mining ban by Chinese government, most of the miners are moving to Texas. It seems that Texas is a new home for all mining firms.

The most populated areas of miners in Texas are Rockdale and Pyote. These are two spots which are huge attractions for bitcoin mining operations.

It was a very old story when big mining firms were existing in China.

Now time has changed, the world’s biggest mining firm is Whinstone Inc and it is situated in the United States. Whinstone firm called Texas as home for miners and also they said that they will integrate more miners in their firm soon.

BIT Mining, a Shenzhen based mining firm, faced big losses because of China’s crackdown on crypto mining. But after halt their operations in China, BITMining announcement their plan to invest $25 million in new data centres in Texas. 

Here Bitmain, which was Mining hardware provider company, now entered into the Crypto mining business. They have massive operation around 33,0000-acre Bitcoin mine in Texas, Rockdale. back in 2019 Bitmain claimed that they are biggest mining firm of North America.

Rockdale is a popular location in Texas because most of the crypto mining & crypto friendly regulatory offices are in Rockdale.

The mayor of Rockdale is a proponent of digital currency but beside his day job, he is also engaged in the Cryptocurrency mining operations and in his home there are racks of Computers which are fully dedicated for Bitcoin mining.

The Mayor of Rockdale personally does meetings with the miners and he helps miners regarding laws of crypto mining and also he helps miners to give perfect hints of possibilities of new laws. 

So all these makes Rockdale a perfect place for crypto mining operations.

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