The difference Between Blockchain and Bitcoin

We saw many newbies in this field of Cryptocurrency who remain always confused that how Blockchain and bitcoin are different things from each other and how they are dependent on each other.

Most people assume that both of these things are the same and there is no difference but in actual, this is not true, both these two terms have their own significance and meaning at Their place, So if you are working here in this field of cryptocurrency then you need to understand that how they are different and how they are dependent to each other.


Blockchain is a technology which is integrated with software and hardware network system.

This technology was introduced by an anonymous group of people or a person under the pseudo name SATOSHI NAKAMOTO, No one knows perfectly about him but from time to time many news entered in this field about Nakamoto without actual witness, proof, or evidence.

A well-known story about this thing was that “The main idea of Blockchain was imagined by SATOSHI NAKAMOTO and that idea changed into the real software-based program by someone whose name is not yet revealed by the community of bitcoin team in our knowledge but the early Investor in this project of Blockchain technology was some tech-savvy guys.”

We hope all of you understand it in a simple way because if we will go with very complicated terms then surely 99% of the people will not be able to understand.

So, in short, Blockchain is a software that is integrated with hardware algorithms also to work completely and it is totally independent of the password and user name system, so to crack in this software and the hardware-based program is almost impossible.

Even the developers of this Blockchain technology can’t enter easily, this line was claimed by a very early adopter of bitcoin who shared his experience and knowledge that he got from the team of Blockchain technology creators at bitcoin official forum

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Now come at the point bitcoin, what is bitcoin?  Since we already discussed the main points of bitcoin, you can read about it by click here.

Bitcoin is just a data number that is going from one address to another address during a Blockchain transaction. We can say that bitcoin is a data which is handled by the Blockchain network. This data is 100% secure and 100% safe in the Blockchain technology algorithm because no one can touch in any way.


Every category of this world has lots of competition. Cryptocurrency is the result of this competition in this field.

Bitcoin is also a Cryptocurrency, Blockchain-based all coins are referred to as Cryptocurrency.

Since bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to enter in this field so it is much popular than another cryptocurrency for example Ethereum, Litecoin, DGB coin, red coin, dash coin, RDR coin, ADA coin, XRP, Dogecoin, etc.

All these coins are just after bitcoin evolution in this field, they copied the way of bitcoin team’s steps to make a place in this field but unfortunately, bitcoin remains always at number one choice for people to invest in the long term. And that’s why bitcoin is at the top of all the Cryptocurrency list. And why not it should be at the top, the first crypto which is bitcoin was not a copied concept, and as we know that it was the first coin so people have more trust in this coin than any other coin. And also if any coin has a price more than bitcoin then people referred that coin a scam coin.

Does all crypto have the same technology?

As we already told that all the coins that are based upon the Blockchain technology are referred to as Cryptocurrency, so how and why they are different from one another?

Few of the coins have a very high speed of transaction and few of them have a very low speed of transaction, why actually it happened if all have Blockchain technology.

The actual reason behind this difference is the change in the software algorithm (coding algorithm), Since all the Cryptocurrency are based on Blockchain technology but not all the Blockchain technology is designed in the same way.

For example, bitcoin is based on SHA-256 technology, ethereum based on X-86, and also there are numerous examples of technology algorithms like POS & POW.

Summary: I hope all of you understand these things easily but now you can understand it by taking a simple example that has a much better analogy with our current topic discussion.

Suppose: As we know that numbers of websites on the internet are available to use but why all are different from one another? Because few are better to load and few have their better content no matter what the speed to load the data. Websites are based on HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, C, C+, C++, Fortran, and many more coding programs.

Here numbers of websites are a cryptocurrency, and the technology at which these websites are created is Blockchain, websites are different from each other because of different coding algorithms use, this is an analogy of different Blockchain technology.

Google is also a website but always remain at number one place and other websites are using Google to grow in the internet world, this is also very similar to Bitcoin  Because to buy and trade coins we need bitcoin since time is changing now and new competition is coming in this field so obviously bitcoin is going somewhat down from the point of the choice as a first investment, but still growth of this coin can’t be stopped by anyone, no matter it will jump to high and more high only few times in a year.

We hope all of you understand well about bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain in a simple way of this analogy example. If you learned something here then don’t forget to share with your all friends.