The first official roadmap of Dogecoin released

The Dogecoin project team released the first official roadmap of the Dogecoin project. 

As we know, Dogecoin was already a known crypto asset for this whole crypto industry. But after the support of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, Dogecoin surged many times. In the present time, Dogecoin is available at almost every crypto exchange and this is also the best crypto asset to transfer the funds from one exchange to another exchange easily. However, the origin of this project was part of only a Joke with no use case. 

This is the first time in history when the Dogecoin developer team published a roadmap of the Dogecoin Project for future plans. The Dogecoin developer aimed to explain that Dogecoin is no more a meme coin or funny coin, instead, it is a serious crypto project. 

Dogecoin toward adoption 

Through the released Roadmap, the Dogecoin project team aimed to push the adoption of Dogecoin to the next level. They will work on wallets like GigaWallet, to enable Dogecoin payments services easy to implement in any platform or service. 

New design of Dog website 

The project team will also bring a new update for the Dogecoin website. They will give a new look with new features. 

They will add multiple sections, where people can easily understand the Dogecoin project and they can get the information for which they are looking. 

And also the website will allow developers, the community, and fans to participate in the project. 

The main important thing that website will have is the Dogepedia section. Dogepedia section will allow people to interact and ask questions related to Dogecoin and related projects. 

Dogepedia will have multiple social login support so that people can easily participate in the website FaQ section to solve problems with each other. 

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