The popular crypto analyst believes a 200% surge in Ethereum


InvestAnswers shared his confidence with Solana and also predicted that Ethereum will easily surge with 200%.

A popular crypto analyst InvestAnswers is looking at Ethereum blockchain, which faced a huge downfall but further surged with a skyrocketing price of more than 4 fold in 2021.

In a question and answer session, the host at InvestAnswers YouTube channel with over 389,000 subs, shared his full bullishness for Solana, for the next upcoming 6 months.

The host said that the price of Solana (Sol) may touch $400-$450 or even it can touch $700 in some particular situation or market trend.

“I’m pretty confident we’ll see $400 or $450…And if the market goes bonkers, it could go as high as $700…”

Analysts believe that huge activities will take place in the next two-quarter months. He said:

“I do expect a lot of activity to happen in the next one or two quarters, by June.”

On Ethereum, Analyst suggested picking Ethereum in the dip at $35,00. He also said that Ethereum was already below $35,00 at the end of December 2021.

According to him, the price of Ethereum will surge by threefold easily because of the Ethereum 2.0 initiative of the Ethereum developer team.

“That’s a place where I would believe Ethereum is an extremely good value because it’ll 3x potentially over the next year or so, especially as it goes very deflationary with the launch of ETH 2.0.”

Besides the prediction of InvestAnswers’ host, we can think ourselves that Ethereum will shift from POW to POS Consensus and in that situation, it will be more efficient and better. And alongside all these things, it will be more deflationary.
When Ethereum will change into Ethereum2.0 then in that situation people will use Ethereum at Layer1 blockchain network to make transactions and that will further result in the burn of more Ethereum tokens.

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