The Sandbox exec says Metaverse explorers human imagination


The founder of The Sandbox shared his opinion on how Metaverse is contributing a better role in the life of Humans. 

Metaverse is an augmented reality-based next-level concept but the first time it was introduced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with the step to rebrand his company name from Facebook to Meta, to make metaverse a main project of the company. After the announcement of Meta about Metaverse, the majority of the companies started to show their interest in Metaverse-related projects. 

The founder of Decentralized virtual land project TheSanbox, Sebastien Borget, recently appeared in an interview with Cointelegraph Brasil. In the interview,  Borger shared his thoughts on Web3 and Metaverse’s role in our life and future.

According to Borget, Metaverse is a portal to think and explore the imagination, where everything is only limited with the thinking. 

Borget said that both Web3 & Metaverse together will help humans to think at the next level of imagination, parallel to reality.

“Web 3.0 and the metaverse are enabling each of us to become an explorer of our human imagination, inventing new parallel universes where we can choose the experiences we want to live.”

Founder also noted that Metaverse alone is already contributing to the social life of people through virtual gatherings.

Borget further added: 

“We envision that within the next 10 years, the metaverse will have transformed profoundly how we’re thinking about the way we’ll be working, socializing, playing and learning through the economic opportunities and jobs it is creating.”

According to Borget, Metaverse based platforms will play a role for the people to allow them to think & imagine in amazing ways with fun. And also aimed to give what they want and they think through their imagination.

Further added: 

“We’ve brought this ecosystem into being, but experiences and assets that players make and share are what drives it.”

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