Total Bitcoin numbers will hit 19 million within next 4 weeks


 A total number of mined Bitcoin in the Bitcoin Network is very near to hit 19 million in the next few weeks. 

Bitcoin is the biggest and first crypto asset of this industry, which is also responsible for the birth of this crypto space. Right now bitcoin is living with its 13 years complete age and now moving toward a better future with more numbers of new bitcoins in a fully decentralized ecosystem.

According to the current projections, it is expected that the total number of mined Bitcoin in the Bitcoin network will surpass 19 million in just the next 23 days. 

At the present total number of mined Bitcoin is 18,979,418 BTC, which is 90% of the total supply of Bitcoin, which can’t be more than 21 million. 

However every 10 minutes creates a different number of Bitcoins in the network with the creation of a new block but here it is confirmed that the network is moving toward adoption as well as completion to create a separate economy in the world, to connect the economy of every country by elimination of currency difference boundaries.

2140 will be stoppage for Bitcoin mining 

As we know, the total supply of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million, which was set by its anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto, which can’t be changed. 

According to experts’ estimations, the Bitcoin network will mine a total of 21 million Bitcoin in 2140 and after that network will stop mining more bitcoin. 

With time, numbers of old Bitcoin addresses holding huge numbers of Bitcoin are getting active. In particular, an account that held 489 Bitcoin since 2010, became active in the present time in this way he turned his $50 into $20 million. 

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