There is no hidden secret in the Cardano blockchain: Charles Hoskinson


The Cardano founder once again stated about the quality work of the Cardano project, which remains always transparent to the public.

Charles Hoskinson is founder of crypto project Cardano and also he is one of the co-founders of the Ethereum blockchain. Few years back, Charles left the Ethereum project and started to work on his own project Cardano to make blockchain technology a leading tool in the payment systems at the commercial level. 

Just a few days ago, a podcast discussion targeted Cardano blockchain amid the discussion of Terra’s UST downfall. A part of that video came on the radar of Cardano’s founder, which was targeting Cardano. 

A Twitter account ADAwhale responded to that podcast shared video, where Cardano was targeted & criticized on behalf of the concept use cases like Terra. 

ADAwhale added:

“People have been digging into us for years. Cardano is pretty anti-fragile lol come at us.”

Cardano founder Charles quoted the tweet of ADAwhale and wrote that there is no issue if people will go in deep analysis to figure out wrong things in Cardano because they will not find such things.

Charles said:

“Welcome as much digging as possible. There isn’t anything to hide. Just years of progress, building, and a massive community. Keep making public defamatory statements before a vast audience that are admissible.”

In recent days, Cardano’s founder criticized Terraform Labs as much as was possible under the limit because in the past Terraform Labs’ founder criticized Cardano during the bad days of price downfall. 

Cardano Focuses on Development

In the past, the Cardano project team did not done much better work to push the popularity of the Cardano project but in reality, they worked for Cardano blockchain to make it a leading blockchain network so that the world can use blockchain technology as the best option in the payment systems.

Once during a podcast, Charles Hoskinson said that other crypto projects work on behalf of the trend concepts and they will not last for the long term but here Cardano will work to make blockchain technology more useful instead of popularity and promotion.

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