Tonga may adopt Bitcoin as official Currency

The Pacific island nation of Tonga may follow the footsteps of El Salvador to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. 

The former member of the parliament of Tonga, Lord Fusitu’a, shared five phases on Twitter about how Tonga will move toward the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender step by step. 

This tweet of Lord Fsitu’a is showing full confidence that he cannot go back and there are 99.99% chances that he will get success to bring legislation to adopt Bitcoin as Currency, just like El Salvador. 

A user on Twitter asked why a former member of Parliament is confident with step 1. Then the lawmaker replied that the proposal is on his table. 

According to all provided details, if everything will go through average support then surely this crypto industry will be in another country like El Salvador. 

El Salvador president on other countries 

On the occasion of the new year, Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador predicted that in 2022 the world will see two more countries like El Salvador that will adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. 

It seems that Tonga will be the first one of two countries in 2022. 

Besides Tonga, there are chances that Turkey may adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. However, all these are based on prediction because officially the Turkish government is planning to bring legislation on crypto adoption under the regulatory framework. But on the other hand, saving the Turkish Lira is going to be challenging.

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