Wikimedia supporters forcing to stop accepting crypto donations

The contributors of Wikimedia urged the foundation to remove the crypto donation options. 

Wikipedia is an open platform, which provides media and written based information free of cost. Wikipedia is working because of the support by its volunteers and contributors to support such types of works, to provide free information to the world.

In 2019, the foundation behind Wikimedia did a partnership with a crypto payment network to accept donations in Crypto assets like bitcoin and Ethereum. But now, the foundation is getting backlash for this option of crypto donation.

Molly White (GorillaWarfare) submitted a proposal to the Wikimedia Foundation. Through the proposal, White urged the foundation to stop accepting donations in crypto assets. According to White, the adoption of crypto-based payment systems is not in favour of environmental health. 

White emphasized that the use of cryptocurrencies based payment methods by Wikipedia is a kind of “endorsement of the cryptocurrency space” by the foundation and its members know very well that such steps to accept crypto donation may ruin the reputation of this non-profit foundation. 

After this proposal, Gamaliel- wiki user- shared his thoughts and supported this proposal and said that “Long overdue. Accepting cryptocurrency makes a joke out of the WMF’s commitment to environmental sustainability.”

Another Wiki user ATDT said that the use of crypto to accept donations in 2022 is just like “work against the accepting USD signals endorsement of the systems of exploitation of labour and despoliation of the natural environment that underlies global capitalism.” 

Over the majority of the people supported the proposal to stop accepting donations in crypto but the page noted that the decision on this proposal will not be made on behalf of the majority support but will be based on the arguments and real facts. 

Before this Mozilla foundation faced a backslash to accept crypto donations in crypto. Later Mozilla stated that they will not accept crypto donations because of environmental issues. However later Mozilla was criticized by the popular meme coin Doge past developer Shibetoshi Nakamoto (Billy Markus) to go back against crypto.  

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