Top financial expert Kiyosaki urges incremental Bitcoin Buying Despite High Prices


The top financial expert Robert Kiyosaki is frustrated by people’s Bitcoin excuses & advised gradual buying despite high costs.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” is a strong advocate for cryptocurrencies. He believes in their potential for significant profit and often advises investing in Bitcoin and other digital assets as a hedge against economic instability and inflation.

On 15 June 2024, Robert Kiyosaki expressed frustration with trying to convince people to invest in Bitcoin, noting that many offer excuses such as “Bitcoin is too expensive.” 

Kiyosaki acknowledged that Bitcoin’s price is high but he believes it will go higher. 

He reiterated a lesson from their mentor, emphasizing that profit is made at the time of purchase, not at the time of sale. The author urged people not to miss out on opportunities, suggesting they buy what they can afford and continue to invest incrementally, despite Bitcoin no longer being as cheap as it once was.

Four days ago, Kiyosaki suggested people buy Bitcoin if they want to become a millionaire. He said that it is very tough to become a millionaire by starting a small business because of competition but investing in Bitcoin is very easy.

Bitcoin adoption & hype in the US

In the present time, the majority of politicians are either supporting Bitcoin or denying passing any negative comment against the Bitcoin sector. 

Also, the top US presidential election candidates showed significant Inclination toward cryptocurrencies, to get support from the crypto people ahead of the US presidential election.

Already former US president Donald Trump jumped to support this innovative sector, while reportedly the current US president is in talks with the crypto leaders to accept Crypto donations, to represent himself as a crypto-supportive political leader.

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