Transfer Money Instantly and Easily with Chatex


Imagine using the messenger app, Telegram, to transfer money without any geographical restrictions instantly. And that too for at no cost. 

Let’s consider an example of a business based in the United Kingdom. The business has imported a service from Ethiopia, and wishes to render payment without wanting to pay exchange commissions and international transfer fees. 

With Chatex, it’s possible to do that. 

Chatex is a Telegram-based chatbot that allows users to transfer money instantly, irrespective of geographical constraints with 0 commission fees. Chatex offers support for a wide range of cryptocurrencies for both individuals and businesses across the world, removing middlemen such as banks and currency exchanges, and thus lowering transaction fees. 

Boon for Freelancers and Individuals

If the user is a freelancer currently dealing with fiat money, or if an individual who is currently residing in a different country from his family, they are probably aware of how time-consuming and expensive transferring money abroad can be. 

With Chatex, users can receive and remit funds across borders instantly and without any commission fees. Since the money is transferred in the form of cryptocurrency, users can also sell it quickly on Chatex’s p2p exchange for their local fiat currency using their favorite payment methods. The whole process is fast and will take an average of 15 minutes for the entire transaction. A clearly superior alternative to the conventional modes of money transfers we have all put up with for all these years.

No Cryptocurrency Experience Required

Cryptocurrency is a fairly new form of currency, and transferring money, and it’s easy to understand how some people might be fazed by the concept. That being said, Chatex makes it extremely easy to deal with cryptocurrencies, even if users have no previous experience. 

Previously, in their blog, Chatex has shared how cryptocurrency trading is safe and simple, and tutorials on how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using the platform. The process is simple, as all users have to do is go to the [Exchange] section of the bot and choose the suitable offer under the [Buy] or [Sell] tab. If they don’t find a suitable option, users can create their own ad, inviting people to buy or sell cryptocurrencies on their terms. The advertisements are straightforward and simple to understand.

Transferring Money: A Short Tutorial

Transferring money is simple and instantaneous. Users can also create the equivalent of a digital bank cheque, called a voucher, via the chatbot. Here are the step by step instructions on how to transfer money to anyone across the globe.

  1. Open Telegram, and open the @chatex_bot chat head
  2. Select the [Wallet] menu, and from the list that appears, select [Vouchers]
  3. Select [Create], and input the necessary details such as the choice and quantity of cryptocurrency
  4. Share the link with the intended recipient, and voila, the process is done.

The recipient then uses this link to activate the voucher, effecting the transfer as soon as he receives the message. 

Chatex also has an option of creating multi-vouchers, enabling users to send vouchers to many people at the same time, which is a wonderful option for giveaways and advertisement campaigns. 

Passive Income with the Referral Program

While it is a fairly compelling product in its own right that certainly blows away conventional money transfer options, Chatex also offers a referral program divided into two tiers, using which users will be able to earn money by referring the bot to friends and relatives. Based on the tier of referral, they will receive differing amounts of referral bonuses/rewards, making this a good source of passive income. Read more about how the Chatex referral system works here

Search @chatex_bot on Telegram and start profiting now!