Trippy Bunny donates 100% of NFTs to suicide prevention foundation

Trippy Bunny showed full support to the Suicide prevention day and donation NFTs token of worth $220,886, which is 100% mint. 

When it comes to donations, the crypto industry doesn’t lag behind. In the past, we saw many events where many crypto companies including Binance, and the Ethereum team, Tron foundation, donated funds to the government organisation. Now Trippy Bunny became the latest in this list. 

As we know, On September 10 the whole world celebrate as Sucide prevention day, to stop suicides and increase mental health awareness. This day was started first time in 2003. And after that people are supporting this day every year. 

Trippy Bunny Tribe, announced on 10 September, that they donated “ALL the mint sales raised to @afspnational thru @TheGivingBlock” on the occasion of National Sucide prevention day. 

Further they added that,  

“Each of our team has been touched by suicide in our lives, whether it be friends or family, and we felt this would be of greatest impact to the world overall, especially now.

Thank you to the community for helping up make this awesome donation to a great cause”

And promised that they will bring awesome and cool arts and airdrops in future..

The NFTs that was minted by the team, was total of 1,111 and each NFTs was equal to 1.1 Sol. So according to current price of Sol, total worth of 1,111 NFTs is $220,886. 

The whole donated fund will go for the American Sucide prevention foundation. 

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