Tron founder spend $500,000 for a simple NFT artwork

Justin Sun, founder of Tronfoundation, spent half a million  dollars on NFT artwork and gets trolled by random twitter users.

In the present time, the trend of NFT artwork based projects getting attention from the community but still there are few celebrities who are spreading their impact in the NFT based artwork project like Messiverse. But here the action of Justin Sun shows his weird move on the NFT picture.

Founder of Tron foundation, Justin Sun, shared a picture on twitter. In the picture he mentioned that “spends half a million dollars on a rock”. 

As we can see in the image, there is nothing special. And Justin Sun also knows very well that there is nothing special in this artwork. There is only a rock and a laser eye sign, that’s it. 

Justin bought this NFT artwork to use for the profile picture of twitter account.

Is Intentional mistake of a strategy?

As we know that half a million dollars is not a small amount for those people who are doing a job or belong to a middle class family. So few random users criticized Justin.

A user said that such a big amount can change the lives of many people and they can help many people who are facing problems in real life.

Justin didn’t respond to any kind of such comments but probably he tried to indicate to people how the NFT based market works. And how much potential still remains in the NFT market. 

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