Tron founder wants to see TRX to $1

Justin wants to bet on the potential of TRX coin and wants to tweet like the CTO of

Justin Sun, ceo and founder of tron foundation including coins win, BTT, SUN etc. And also the owner of the Just Swap Defi exchange. Recently Justin announced plans to develop a BTTC cross chain platform.

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Today, Justin Sun retweeted a tweet of the CTO of and said that he wanted to see a TRX coin at $1. 

In actual, On 9 July @SBF_FTX replied to the @coinmama that he will buy as much as Sol at $3 and then go fuck off. In actuality, CTO shows his full belief with his supporting team’s native coin Solana, that he will buy them all. 

Now in the present situation, Justin Sun wants to see the TRX coin at $1. And also he wants to tweet just like @SBF_FTX with full confidence.

Here is one thing we can notice, that Justin Sun indicated, to this whole crypto community, that he is trying his best for the tron foundation and their TRX coin to boost it in terms of price and utility. 

There are also chances for TRX to reach $1, as it is an underrated coin and a huge journey for this coin still remains. Probably the new development work ( cross chain platform) will give a push to the TRX coin’s price at some better level. But still here we should not consider this situation or any kind of reports as a part of financial advice.

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