TurboXBT: The Game-Changing Short-Term Trading Platform Is Launched

TurboXBT, an all-new synthetic short-term trading platform featuring instant profits on more than 38 different trading pairs in timeframes as little as 30 seconds, has been officially launched.

TurboXBT Debuts Bold Look, Simple To Use Interface, Much More

TurboXBT has stunned the crypto industry and traditional trading world with the debut of an innovative synthetic short-term trading product that brings traders instant profits faster than ever before. By only needing to select UP or DOWN and a duration to enter a trade, traders are only limited by their own ability to make ultra swift decisions on the direction of markets.

With decisions that move as fast as the market does itself, durations of contracts range from as little as thirty seconds to up to fifteen minutes flat. The shortest time frame trades bring the most profits, with as much as 90% profit in a single trade possible. Simply select the trading pair from a list of 38 total pairs across 17 assets, then choose the duration, UP or DOWN, and the platform will clearly display how much profits can be booked if the prediction is correct.

TurboXBT Offers No Fees, $1,000 Risk-Free Demo Account To New Users

TurboXBT’s mission is speed, style, and simplicity and this is backed up by the no-commission trading platform’s commitment to clients. No fees are ever charged, and the only fees a user will incur is related to blockchain fees due to deposits being accepted in BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC.

Accounts are protected by bank-grade security and there is no KYC so there is no risk of private information. Although the high-stakes trading experience does require proper risk management and an understanding of what is at stake, TurboXBT also provides a risk-free demo account with $1,000 to trade and practice with before making an initial deposit or increasing capital size.

About TurboXBT

TurboXBT is a brand-new supercharged trading platform offering synthetic short-term trading contracts to traders around the world. Short-term trading contracts range across forex, crypto, stock indices, commodities, metals, and more, with only UP or DOWN and a duration to choose from.

From start to finish, the trading experience is geared toward speed and ease of use, offering instant profits in only a few clicks. From the moment a user first lands on the TurboXBT website, to the time they have their account funded and are trading takes as little as three minutes.

Visit the official TurboXBT website or social media channels for more information.