Twitter is the hub of crypto bot spammers: Elon Musk

Twitter is showing its huge interest in the crypto and blockchain industry, while it is not working against scammers. 

At present, Twitter is the leading social media platform for the crypto industry. Earlier this, the Majority of the crypto users were spending their time on Facebook-like platforms but nowadays Twitter is a much better platform because crypto is connecting the big celebrities with the common citizens and fans easily. 

A couple of days ago, Twitter officially announced its new feature to add non-fungible token-based collectibles use case as profile pictures. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared his stance on this initiative of Twitter and claimed that Twitter should use its resources for better things instead of such annoying things. And also Elon suggested to work against the spammers, which are using bots to spam every tweet thread. 

The majority of the crypto proponents and followers of Elon supported the statement and admitted that Elon is right and Twitter should do work against such shitty spambots. 

This is not the first time twitter got criticized for spammers misleading and spammy messages. Earlier this Billy Markus, past Dogecoin developer, also raised his voice against this thing and also asked Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to work against such people.

Twitter inclination in crypto & blockchain 

In 2021, Twitter grabbed a huge user base from the crypto industry and also grabbed attention because of its development works in Bitcoin micropayment system integration in Twitter. 

Besides the Bitcoin tiping feature, Twitter developers were working on the integration of Ethereum backed NFTs show-off features. 

The latest NFTs used in the profile picture was an old initiative of Twitter. 

Interestingly here we can note that Twitter is not doing something new in the crypto and blockchain inclined development or integration with Twitter. When Jack Dorsey was on the position of Twitter CEO then he declared many initiatives on Bitcoin & Twitter integration. But probably his absence is dragging Twitter back on traditional backfoot.

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