Two major factors hint “new Bitcoin (BTC) bull run coming” after this $70k level 


Bitcoin analysts noted that sentiments & factors are directing fingers toward a new bull run for the Bitcoin trade price within the next few days. 

The current trade price of Bitcoin (BTC) is $70,074 & this trade price has been stable for the last 3 days in between $69k to $70k.

Popular Crypto analyst Titan of Crypto predicted, on behalf of analysis, that Bitcoin is breaking free from the last roadblock with extremely bullish sentiments.

Some other Bitcoin analysts said that the Bitcoin bull run is now again on and soon we’re going to see new heights for Bitcoin. 

However pre-Bitcoin Halving pattern includes lots of ups & downs for the Bitcoin trade price, as we saw in the past halving cycles, but experts believe that this situation is different from all the other cycles because currently Bitcoin is under very high buy pressure because of Bitcoin spot ETF products availability on the stock exchanges in the US. 

Fed Res, Interest Rate, & Risky Assets

CME Group’s FedWatch Tool data suggests that an interest rate cut will take place, with 61% odds of a 0.25% reduction at that month’s meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee. That means 61% chance of increment in the trade price of risky assets e.g. stock, crypto, etc. 

Also in an interview at the Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy Conference in San Francisco, the United States Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell indirectly hinted that he is not worried about inflation or how the economy is doing.

All these things are pointing fingers toward a big Bitcoin rally but it will be interesting to see how the Bitcoin trade price will react before the Fed Res meeting on economic policy under the influence of Bitcoin halving pattern.

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