Binance ex-CEO reveals new details about his free education project “GiggleAcademy”


Changpeng Zhao (CZ) shared some detailed information about his new free education project “GiggleAcademy”.

Changpeng Zhao (CZ) is co-founder & former CEO of Binance crypto exchange. In late 2023, he stepped down from the CEO role of the company, as a part of a settlement between the US DOJ vs Binance case. Binance settled its case with a $4.3 billion fine and so far its case against the SEC body is active.

Nowadays CZ remains silent on Bitcoin & Crypto related any type of developments. This month, a new project was announced by him to educate children free of cost. His project called Giggle Academy is a non-profit company & it will not generate revenue from its educational programs.

On 30 March 2024, CZ shared some new information regarding his newly created project and confirmed that he hired a total of 10 talents.
He is currently hiring more people and aims to build a team of 15 talented people.

He also said that his non-profit educational project for children will be interesting, as it will include characters just like Tom & Jerry. The content production work has been started.

In the initial phase of launch, CZ aimed to launch this project for Android smartphone users, as it is the most affordable device for the majority of the population in the world.

It is worth it to know that Zhao pleaded guilty to money laundering charges on Nov. 21 and will be sentenced on April 30, as per court documents. But interesting to see that he is doing his job perfectly to spread his name across the world, as a basic education leader.

Binance vs Nigeria

A month ago, two Binance executives were arrested in Nigeria by the local authorities. Allegedly Binance facilitated money laundering and terrorism financing and played a role in devaluing Nigeria’s currency, the Naira.

Just a week ago, some crypto groups collaborated to impose pressure against the Nigerian authorities to release the arrested Binance executives.

Reportedly, no one in the country could get any type of information about the arrested executives and also the Nigerian police are not open to talk on this matter officially.

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