Ukraine in most Digital assets inclined country among Eastern European state

The survey suggests that Ukraine’s citizens are more interested in crypto than other Eastern European states. While Russia and the USA are in second & third place respectively.

BrokerChooser is a crypto brokerage firm and recently this firm conducted research on the digital assets interested countries to figure out which country is at the top and which one is at the bottom. To figure out the report, the firm chose Google search analytics and did research on the frequency of search of crypto terms by citizens of different countries. 

According to the research of BrokerChooser, Ukraine ranked top in their list. Ukraine grabbed a 7.97 rank out of 10 in the chart prepared by the researchers. This shows a shocking indication that the people of Ukraine have huge poverty, war & financial issues but still, they have a huge interest in crypto. 

In the second place, it is Russia- owns a big landmass. While the United States of America is at number third. 

At the fourth position, there is Kenya. The research claimed that it should not be a surprising fact for Kenya, because research shows that the people of Kenya are looking to save their money against devaluation.

It is worth noting that, adoption in the developing country is shown by the public, while in well-developed countries adoption is mainly because of institutional investors. 

Unclear Legal Status of Crypto in Ukraine

Recently, officials of Ukraine announced that they will go for crypto adoption with better rules and regulations.  

But if we take a look at the current situation then crypto is still in the grey region, where people can neither say that crypto is legal and also can’t say that it is illegal. 

At present crypto is not prohibited, however, the officials of Ukraine are looking to make better rules by next year.  But for now, they are only considering necessary rules to implement by the end of this year to restrict any illicit activities. 

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