MDS Mexico uses blockchain technology to stop counterfeit COVID-19 tests in Latin America

The fear of the Covid-19 disaster seems to disappear almost two years later; However, as precautionary measures governments around the world are looking for tools to control its growth and allow their citizens to return to their normal life.

MDS Mexico, a Mexican company, uses blockchain technology to provide enhanced and improved reliability of Covid-19 diagnostic tests and the cryptographic and real-time audibility properties of Blockchain as a way of avoiding counterfeiting and related frauds.

Hispanic News Outlet iProUP has reported that medical services company MDS has recently launched a rapid test application and interpretation service, as well as a home-PCR sample collection specifically designed to respond to Covid-19. Results are delivered physically and digitally after 24 hours and are verified with blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity of the test application and the results in real-time

As per the description provided on the MDS official website MDS generates a unique hash associated with each test result and generates a QR code, which is linked to a digital certificate to control the results obtained and the personal information of the person being tested and the doctor conducting the test.

While seeking reasons over these actions the firm said:

To prevent misinformation, we have begun verifying SARS-CoV-2 detection tests using blockchain technology and cryptographic signatures, which allow us to verify information worldwide in a unique, unchanging, and invariant QR code.

Mexico is one of the Latin American countries that has significantly identified the usage conditions of Blockchain beyond money due to the recent use of blockchain technology in their covid report authenticity checks.

However, surprisingly when it comes to finances, the use of cryptocurrencies – especially bitcoin – does not enjoy the same amount of support from the government authorities.

Even more, the country’s central bank has already suspended President Banco Azteca’s initiative to offer bitcoin compatibility and has also worked against 12 cryptocurrency exchanges linked to various criminal cartels. Also last week, the country’s president refused the use of bitcoin as a legal tender.

Thus reviewing the current situation in Mexico, the economic revolution and the blockchain revolution are going in two distant directions.

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