Ukraine’s national rule doesn’t allow Govt to accept Bitcoin donation: Russia vs Ukraine

Legal rules are imposing restrictions on Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense to accept alternative payment options. 

In the present time, Russia vs Ukraine war is ongoing. However, Ukraine grabbed some jet planes and missile support from a few numbers of countries but overall it is currently weak and urging all the countries to support and help them to fight against Russia. Overall we can say that the military power of Ukraine is not standing strong because of the mass strength and several soldiers & military Power of Russia.

In this situation, many foreigners urged the Ministry of Defense to open an easy donation portal so that people can donate easily. The simplest thing that Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense can use is PayPal and Bitcoin-based payment methods. 

In the present time, both of these are not useful for the government agency directly because the existing National Rules of the country don’t allow the Ministry of Defense to use alternative payment options to accept donations & payments. 

Reportedly all the people, who are willing to donate funds to Ukraine, are trying to contribute to Ukraine’s logistical and medical support.

However, due to the inability of laws and rules to go with Bitcoin & PayPal options, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense created its foreign bank account to accept foreign currencies to power up its military strength. 

These things are showing that every country should have rules and regulation systems for Bitcoin to use under emergencies to fight enemies. Probably the end of the war will result in a very big change in the country because, under the legal laws and rules, many non government NGOs are collecting donations in crypto to support the military. 

According to reports, at the time of writing this article, many NGOs collected 29.03286239 BTC donations to distribute to the military of Ukraine.

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