US district judge ordered Huobi Global to freeze $600,000 of Bitcoin account: Scam

An old matter of hacking & scam with Coinbase users comes to light when a trace is found of a link with the Huobi global crypto exchange.

In April, a Coinbase user got caught by the scammers somehow. According to reports, a Coinbase user bought 200 Bitcoins in the Coinbase wallet. After buying 200 Bitcoins, the user got a notification popup message “with mobile number” and when the user contacted them at the call then somehow scammers tricked the user account and stole $11.6 million worth of crypto. 

After the complaint and report against this incident, investigators found that the stolen funds have links with the Huobi global crypto exchange wallet. At the crypto exchange, there is $600,000 worth of bitcoin. 

Dolly M. Gee, district judge of the United States District Court for the Central District of California, ordered Huobi Global crypto exchange to freeze the account to investigate and catch the fraudster.

The director of media relations for the US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles, Thom Mrozek, confirmed that Huobi exchange agrees with the order and they will follow the same. 

“Huobi has agreed to maintain a freeze on the funds pending resolution of the forfeiture action”

Coinbase & Scam with Users 

A few months back, CNBC covered a report where many Coinbase users were threatened by scammers and because of low security. In response, Coinbase exchange claimed that Coinbase always followed security guidelines to ensure the security of the users account and also appreciated his Phone call support initiative to restrict account hacking activities. 

While many Coinbase users claimed that Coinbase is not able to handle such issues and they are also not doing anything. And also criticized Phone call support and claimed that it is not easy to contact during any suspicious activity on the account.

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