Video game giant GameStop will launch NFTs marketplace

GameStop is now moving toward the NFTs based marketplace business in parallel linking with the gaming business. 

In 2021, the NFTs concept of the crypto industry integrated a bigger part of the non-crypto sector in crypto directly and indirectly. However many people believe that NFTs use cases are limited to blockchain and besides the selling of artwork of digital items, there is no use case. But day by day new concepts are entering this tech world. Almost every sector is trying to use it in their own way. 

GameStop is a video game retail company. This company is known for its business in the Gaming industry but now it is turning towards NFTs based platforms to allow the users to buy, sell and trade NFTs for their Gaming items.

Reportedly, GameStop individually hired 20 employees to work on this initiative. And these hired employees are working to create a hub, where people can easily buy, sell and trade with the NFTs items. 

The main NFTs items will include weapons, characters, and cloth. So all the game users will be allowed to transfer items to use for each other, which was not possible in traditional gaming concepts. 

However, the NFTs website of GameStop was released already before this year and also the company invited users to join the platform. 

The report also noted that GameStop is working to establish a partnership with two crypto companies so that they can exchange the technology with each other in blockchain gaming and NFTs based projects. 

Last year, GameStop reconstructed the whole leadership team and director of the board to make the GameStop company a more tech-focused company.  

Blockchain gaming & Real-estate with NFTs 

If we look at the NFTs concept then we will find that it is limited to small ideas to sell items in unique ways but according to many experts, there can be better use cases.

According to a few experts, NFTs can be used in Tax transfers, real estate-based property ownership. 

Besides these things, games on blockchain-based technology can use every premium element to buy and sell with each other. 

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