UK air traffic is using Hedera Hashgraph to keep long distance tracking of drones

Neuron Innovations is working with the Hedera Hashgraph to track the safe space between drones. 

In the present time, crypto and blockchain use cases are at a tremendous level. However, the majority of the tech companies and Financial services are trying to use blockchain technology to improve their financial system or the payment system. But here day by day new use cases can be seen through revolutionary crypto blockchain networks. 

Hedera published a blog and explained that how Hedera Hashgraph is working with the London-based company Neuron Innovations to trace the exact position of drones. 

Neuron Innovations is a tech company and this company is working with Hedera to figure out a perfect & precise safe distance between the drones. And the main aim of this trial is to use the data and research with the long-distance airspace by commercial, military, and government drones. 

Neuron company implemented aviation surveillance as a service in the drones so that drones can join the traffic of drones with safety with precise distancing for long-distance flight. The Hedera Hashgraph network will be used by this tech company to keep the data and records of all these trials.

 Niall Greenwood, CEO of Neuron, said that they are working to create a long-distance travelling drones system, which can operate without humans. 

Greenwood stated: 

“using safety-critical aviation infrastructure. Each flight creates millions of data points, which no other public ledger has been fast enough to log and correct order.” 

This trial of the Neuron event took place in Port Montrose, Scotland, and Cranfield University in Bedfordshire, between April to October of last year. 

This experiment of these two tech innovation-based companies is fully supported and backed by the U.K. Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy. 

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