Visa exec explains how Company pushes crypto adoption

The crypto head of Visa company explained how Company did very well with multiple partnerships, to push the adoption of crypto in the payment sector.

In the last two years, Giant payment network company Visa established multiple partnerships across the world. This year was much significant for Visa, to establish many kinds of initiatives & activities in the crypto & blockchain industry. 

Cuy Sheffield, head of the crypto department of Visa company, appeared in an interview with the NDTV news. In the interview, Cuy explained how the Visa company did many types of work with other companies to push the adoption of the crypto & blockchain industry in the payment options across the world. 

Visa head noted that Company doubled its partnership with other companies over the last 18 months. And the main aim of the multiple partnerships was to introduce the crypto & blockchain initiative of Visa company in the payment system. Cuy also noted that employees working in Visa are now more than 100 and these employees are working with very high potential in Crypto initiatives projects of the company.

“Over the last few years, we’ve also seen our clients’ outlook on crypto evolve, from skepticism to awareness, to an understanding that crypto will likely impact their existing business in some way, ” Cuy added

Cuy also noted that Visa has established around 60 partnerships with other companies, which includes crypto giants like FTX, BlockFi,, Coinbase, and Binance. Under these partnerships, Visa only planned to enable their users to spend their crypto assets directly to pay through the cards linked with the crypto services directly. 

Cuy explained how direct digital assets use to pay for goods and services can benefit, by eliminating the middle process time to convert assets into fiat. He added:

“Crypto-linked cards make it easy for consumers to convert and spend digital currencies, without requiring coffee shops, dry cleaners, or grocery stores to directly accept crypto at the checkout.”

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