Vitalik grabbed citizenship in Montenegro, Now wil help crypto adoption: Report


Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin received citizenship in Montenegro. Montenegro is seeking toward the adoption of the crypto and blockchain industry. 

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is a highly respected person in the crypto industry and also he is one of the crypto proponents, who remain always in support of unique concepts at big levels. Vitalik remains always ready to bring innovations in the crypto industry with better development efforts and suggestions in space with the Ethereum community.

A local Montenegrin news outlet RTCB reported that Zdravko Krivokapić, Montenegro’s prime minister, offered citizenship for Vitalik to push Montenegro, small southeast European nation, toward the adoption of the crypto and blockchain industry to make it a hub of digital innovations. 

However, no official announcement was made regarding the same but a picture was shared by the Minister of Finance and Social Welfare Milojko Spajić when Buterin received his passport.

Vitalik grabbed citizenship in Montenegro, Now wil help crypto adoption: Report 1
source: Twitter

According to a recent week’ report from Mina, on 4 April a meeting between Prime Minister Krivokapić, Buterin with other dominant Govt officials discussed the crypto & blockchain industry adoption. In the meeting, they talked about the regulatory framework to push the adoption of crypto among citizens.

Prime said that he wishes that the country will be able to push the adoption with the elimination of illegal activities and proper restrictions on the criminals. 

Further, he added:

“Montenegro strives to become a center of innovation in blockchain technology with an emphasis on all the advantages of a legitimate industry that will bring attractive regulations.”

In “The Future Now!” event, panelists discuss how people will create community and how they will verify the identity of citizens to protect them against any kind of theft or threat. The discussion also touched on the discussion of introducing identity verification-based DAOs Token, but Vitalik said that there can’t be a single-line solution against the challenges. 

“There is no magic one-line principle to deal with bad actors.”

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