Websites That Accept Bitcoin Payments

There are more than 3000 cryptocurrencies available now (at the time of writing) and still Bitcoin able to defend its throne. Bitcoin has become the best asset in the past decade (2009-2019). Bitcoin value rises from $0 to $8500 (price at the time of writing) in the past 10 years.

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital payment system that means the payments are sent directly from one party to another party without any need of any third person to verify the transactions.

The increase in the price of Bitcoin attracts a lot of investors and firms in the crypto industry. Many big companies start accepting payment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In this post, we will cover all the major websites that accept Bitcoin as payments. After reading this post you will know different shopping and other major service providing websites where you can spend your bitcoins.

Some of the most popular companies accepting cryptocurrencies are:

  • Microsoft
  • Wikipedia
  • Expedia
  • Overstock
  • Pornhub

In this post, we will cover the full list of the websites and companies that accepts Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Here is the list what you find in the post:

  • Companies that accept Bitcoin payments
  • Stores that accept Bitcoin
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Conclusion

Major Companies That Accept Bitcoin Payments

1 Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the company that operates the world’s largest encyclopedia. Wikipedia accepts donations in Bitcoin and other major payment processors. Bitcoin donations are accepted by Bitpay payment gateway. For Wikipedia, Bitpay payment gateway accepts payments in Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). You will find the cryptocurrency section on the end of the donation page on Wikipedia.

2 Microsoft

The leading technology giant Microsoft accepts bitcoin for buying services and goods. You can read here how to add money to your Microsoft account using Bitcoin. Microsoft has temporarily halted the Bitcoin payments in January 2018 but shortly after that resumed the bitcoin payments. User can use the Bitcoin to buy games, movies and apps from the windows and Xbox store.

3 Expedia

Expedia is an American travel company. Expedia services include booking hotels and flight tickets, plan tours, books cars, book cruise and vacation packages. Expedia accepts Bitcoin with the popular Coinbase payment gateway. Expedia does not guarantee the availability of Bitcoin payments as they use Coinbase gateway and users will be redirected to COinbase website to complete the transactions. Users need to complete the Bitcoin transaction within 10 minutes otherwise the price of Bitcoin will be changed for your booking.


KFC Canada has accepted Bitcoin for a small time. KFC Canada starts offering Bitcoin bucket for a limited time. KFC processed the payments through Bitpay Gateway and the bucket is delivered directly to the customer’s home address.

5 Overstock

Overstock is an American company that sells all items at low prices because of their heavy stocks. Overstock partnered with Coinbase to accept payment in Bitcoin for their online orders. Coinbase offers services in the U.S and some other countries.

6 Playboy TV

Playboy TV is an adult content network that has announced a new payment method that will allow its users to buy the services using cryptocurrencies. This is not clear that in which countries they are allowing to use cryptocurrencies.

7 Subway


There are a few outlets of Subway that will allow you to buy your meals with Bitcoin. A Subway franchise in Buenos Aires, Argentina starts accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Buenos Aires becomes the first country in Latin America to accept Bitcoin as payment.

There are some Subway franchises in Moscow and Allentown, Pennsylvania that accepts Bitcoin as a payment mode. There is an example of buying a Subway meal with Bitcoin, although the video is from 2013.

8 Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic is one of the most innovative and futuristic companies today. Virgin Galactic allows people to buy a space tour and explore the universe. Richard Branson’s company Virgin Galactic includes the companies Virgin Mobile and Virgin Airline. The company allow you to buy a space tour with Bitcoin.

9 Namecheap

Namecheap is one of the leading domain registrants accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. Namecheap started Bitcoin payments in 2013 when their tech-savvy audience requested to add Bitcoin as a payment method. Namecheap provides full WHOIS protection and saves the user’s privacy.

10 CheapAir

CheapAir is an American online travel agency, that was established in 1989. CheapAir has started accepting Bitcoin payments in 2013 via Coinbase and later on, they changed their payment processor to BTCPayServer.

11 Gyft


Gyft is a digital gift card company. Gyft allows users to buy, send and manage gift cards of hundreds of retailers such as Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks and many more. Users can send and track the gift card balance to friends and family instantly using Gyft. Gyft

12 NewEgg

NewEgg is an online retailer of computer hardware and electronic items. NewEgg has started accepting Bitcoin in July 2014 and expanding its services all over the world. NewEgg accepts Bitcoin payments from three different payment processors.

13 The Internet Archive

This is a Nonprofit San Franciso based digital library that has hundreds of millions of data captured from millions of websites from the internet. The Archive accepts donations from different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

14 Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is a torrent website that allows users to download and upload Movies, Games and software using the peer-to-peer network of file sharing (torrent). Pirate Bay starts accepting

15 is a cloud storage company that allows users to save their data on cloud servers. allows users to pay in Bitcoin for account upgrades. Go to the upgrade page and chose a plan that suits your needs, there you can select Bitcoin along with other payment options available.

16 ExpressVPN

ExperssVPN is a premium Virtual Private Network service provider that allows users to surf the internet privately and securely. ExpressVPN is a paid software and accepts Bitcoin as a payment method.

17 AT&T

AT&T is an American Telecommunication company. AT&T is the world largest telecommunication company, the largest providers of mobile services in the United States. AT&T has started to accept Bitcoin through Bitpay for mobile recharges and other services.

18 Travala

Travala is a blockchain-based online hotel booking company that accepts Bitcoin and some other popular cryptocurrencies. Travala offers its services all around the world in 230 countries with more than 2,000,000 hotels and properties. Travala is a United Kingdom (UK) based company. Travala has also launched their native token named with a price AVA.

Stores that Accept Bitcoin Payments

We have covered most of the major companies that accept bitcoin payments above, there are many small and medium businesses (SMBs) that accept Bitcoin payment as well. Here is the list of some stores that accept bitcoin payments:

  • Bitcoin.Travel: An online travel booking startup that accepts bitcoin payments for booking of hotels and travel packages.
  • Alza: Czech Republic largest online retailer
  • Pembury Tavern: A pub based in London, England
  • Old Fitzroy: A pub based in Sydney, Australia
  • Zynga: Mobile and Social Game Provider
  • EZTV: Torrents TV service provider
  • Helen’s Pizza: Buy Pizza with Bitcoin, based in Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Buy SEO and other services for your website with Bitcoin
  • Game developer and publisher for Windows, Mac and Smartphones
  • Online newspaper based in Chicago
  • Museum of the Coastal Bend
  • The website allows users to order food from 12 different restaurants and accept payment in Bitcoin
  • Dish Network: An American direct-broadcast satellite service (Television services) providers
  • The Libertarian Party: United States Political Party
  • High-Speed Internet Speed Provider in Las Vegas
  • SimplePay: Nigeria most popular E-wallet
  • An online store that allows users to buy and sell their services
  • State Republican Party: The first state republican party to accept bitcoin donations
  • Famsa: Mexico Biggest retailer
  • Naughty America: An Adult Entertainment Network
  • Mexico’s Universidad de las Américas Puebla: An University in Mexico
  • Online Movie Ticket retailer
  • Rakuten: A Japanese E-commerce Giant
  • Save the Children: Global Charity Organisation
  • PureVPN: Premium VPN service provider
  • Foodler: North America’s food delivery company
  • Amagi Metals: Precious Metal furnisher

Frequently Asked Questions

19 How Bitcoin can be Converted in Cash?

Bitcoin can easily be converted in cash/fiat currencies and vice-versa. There are more than 6000 Bitcoin ATMs installed all over the world that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with full anonymity. Bitcoin can also be converted in cash with Peer-to-Peer marketplaces. There are many global Bitcoin exchanges that offer Fiat currencies deposit and withdrawal.

20 Can I Buy Products from Amazon with Bitcoin?

The short answer is Yes. However, Amazon does not accept Bitcoin directly. Users can buy products from the Amazon sellers that accept Bitcoin using and (Moon Extension) websites.

21 Why Use Bitcoin for Payments?

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic payment method that means the payment is directly sent to the seller without any third party involved. The seller can use the funds instantly anywhere. Bitcoin fee is also very low as compared to standard credit and debit card fees. The average fee for a Bitcoin transaction range from $0.01 to $0.1 and the transactions are visible on the blockchain.

22 Do Hotels Accept Bitcoin?

Most of the hotels do not accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency directly. There are a few hotels that accept bitcoin directly but the best way to book a hotel is via the above-listed travel companies that accept bitcoin payments. Expedia, Travala and Travelbybit are the best ways to book hotel rooms with Bitcoin.

23 Conclusion

Now you know more websites and stores where you can spend your Bitcoins. The list is very small as you thought it would be. Bitcoin first decade (2009-2019) have many ups and downs and there is a lot to come. Most of the companies and websites do not accept bitcoin because of the volatility in price.

As more and more new cryptocurrency exchanges and peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace are launching, that will increase the liquidity of the market and will stable the price to some extent. When the volatility of Bitcoin price becomes low there are a lot of companies that will open the gates for Bitcoin payments.

Most of the companies are looking forward to accepting Bitcoin as the popularity of the cryptocurrency will increase. If you have a store or a website let’s take a step in the right direction.

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