Will Twitter shift its blockchain initiative with Ethereum instead of Bitcoin

A new debate is starting regarding Twitter whether the company will follow Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin-only initiative or will integrate the Ethereum ecosystem also. 

A few days ago, Jack Dorsey announced his resignation from the position of Chief executive officer of giant social media platform Twitter. And now Parag Agrawal is handling the position of CEO in Twitter, who is basically from India. 

In the past, Twitter’s EX-CEO said that he will work on the integration of the Bitcoin blockchain network only. They will never choose Ethereum or something else. And if more time is needed to go only with Bitcoin, then he will quit his job from Twitter and also other companies. 

Now, as Jack Dorsey is no longer on Twitter as a CEO, so a question is under speculation,  the Twitter company follows the current trend of highly adopted Ethereum network or will follow Jack Dorsey’s idea of Bitcoin only integration. 

In the latest, Jack Dorsey-owned company Square announced to rebrand its name into Block to represent the vision of the company fully in blockchain and crypto. And as we know that, Jack already hinted that they will quit the position of CEO, if he needed more time to work on Bitcoin. So probably, Jack is going with Bitcoin.

Speculations claimed that the new team of the Twitter company will integrate the Twitter platform with the crypto space instead of Bitcoin-only initiatives. Adam Cochran, a partner at Cinnaemhaim Ventures, said that there are huge chances that Twitter will now integrate its platform in Web3. 

And as we know that, Ethereum is the most adopted crypto project which can give services of web3 level features and also already many web3, NFTs, and gaming based projects already running their services. 

“most importantly, Jack’s Bitcoin maximalism led to conflicting paths. Where Twitter is actively developing things like an NFT integration on Ethereum while their CEO bashes it and pushes tipping on a centralized lightning network”, Cochran said.

Well here it will be too early to say anything but still, web3 and NFTs initiatives of the Twitter platform are an indication of Twitter’s Ethereum integration.

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