Miami will use PlanetWatch and Algorand for air quality checking Network

Air quality sensor network will be deployed by PlanetWatch on the Algorand blockchain to monitor the pollution in the air of Miami. 

Day by day adoption of the crypto and blockchain industry is increasing. This industry is not limited to only financial services but also to another digital sector where the need for data trust is needed at a high level.

Planetwatch, a French environmental technology company, is working on this new initiative in Miami. For Miami, Planetwatch is working to make Miami the major city of the US to integrate into the blockchain technology-inclined air pollution monitor network. 

For this initiative, Planetwatch developed 5 different air quality sensors tools. In the project, Planetwatch received $10 million funding from Borderless Capital. All the developed sensors will be deployed in the city and also in the homes of city residents.

Every sensor will detect exact information of the pollution concentration in the air. With the integration of blockchain technology on the Algorand, citizens will be able to figure out the higher and lower pollution targeted areas with more clarity. 

As we know, the Algorand blockchain is used to store and transfer data, so all the data collected from the air sensors will remain in tamper-proof and permanent form. 

Francis Suarez, Mayor of Miami, is popular in the crypto industry because of his inclination in Bitcoin and blockchain technology adoption. 

On 29 November, speaking on the DeCipher event in Miami, Suarez said:

“The data from this project will play a crucial role in our climate adaptation efforts as well as our ambitions to make Miami an epicentre of digital capital markets.”

If those citizens, who are living in Miami, will allow this initiative to deploy the sensors in their homes, then they will be rewarded with the Planet Tokens (Planets). Citizens can further sell their planet tokens for fiat or Earth Credits. Earth Credits is a native currency limited to use at the Planetwatch platform to utilize its services. 

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