Wintermute “internal system” was not effected from any hack, CEO says


Market Maker Wintermute executive confirmed that the $160 million exploit was only part of the Profanity exploit and it was totally outside of the ecosystem.

Few days ago, 1inch decentralized crypto exchange reported that ETH vanity addresses generator tool Profanity is no more safe because Private keys associated with the ETH addresses generated with Profanity were hacked by some bad actor. 

On 20 September, the CEO of Wintermute, market crypto platform, announced that it faced a loss of $160 million because the ETH wallet of Defi protocols was hacked. 

On 21 September, Evgeny Gaevoy, Wintermute CEO, explained the whole thing that happened with the Wintermute ETH vault.

The CEO confirmed that the exploit was related to an ETH wallet, which was used for the Defi protocol of Wintermute, while no Defi or Cefi protocol of Wintermute were compromised. 

He also explained that the Profanity tool was used to show the “optimised gas” not to show off. Further he explained that they took action on behalf of the 1inch alert news on Profanity tool exploit and accelerated the “old key” retirement.

In the last phase of this incident explanation, Wintermute CEO said that a human error took place which has called a wrong function, So the team blacklisted the router instead of the operator.

Wintermute also confirmed that the team is strong & healthy in terms of financial power, so Wintermute users don’t need to worry about this thing and all the operations will run smoothly.

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