Wyre Partners With Polygon to provide USDC on the ramp to their users

Wyre, a blockchain based payment platform, announced his partnership with Polygon. Now Wyre’s platform will provide USDC to their users directly at their platform to facilitate fiat-USDC service.

Payment facilities providers services are moving blindly to expand their services at global level through adoption of blockchain based assets. Visa, MasterCard, Zip & all merchants are now looking to adopt blockchain Technology based on all services as much as they can. Now today Wyre announced their USDC stablecoin service through Polygon’s protocol.

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Wyre announced their Partnership with Polygon. They said that developers across the world now will be able to facilitate USDC to their users through their platform directly. The service of USDC is became possible because of the Polygon Ethereum scaling protocol. 

Wyre further added that because of Polygon’s protocol API, the payments will be faster & safer to provide fiat-to-USDC on-ramp for their users. Whereas USDC stablecoin coin is already available at the company’s Check and Card Processing API system.

This facility of Wyre is available in 43 states of the U.S right now. And it will only take 30 seconds at max to swap Fiat to USDC. So in this way they are very fast with their new service. 

Wyre entered crypto Space in 2013. And after 2013 they achieved huge success in that interval of time. They created a big network at global level and made millions of customers which are using their payment platform. The main goal of this company is to expand their business & services in Defi based projects. But right now they added features of fiat crypto pair only to attract more customers so that they can use their platform at a better level through the adoption of blockchain technology.

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