XRP Ledger’s minimum reserve requirement of 10 XRPs has successfully passes

A big advantage for the XRP holders can be seen through the new amendment, which is supported by the validators of XRP. The new amendment was from the point of increasing prices of XRP. 

In April, a proposal was proposed by David Schwartz, Ripple CTO, and claimed that minimum requirement XRPs tokens should be reduced from 25/5 to 10/2. And also he said that he didn’t discuss it with anyone but it is a needed proposal because of increasing prices of XRP tokens.

After that long time, it came to reality. So now XRP ledger holders can have mininum 10 XRPs tokens i.e 5 tokens per address. 

This new proposal of XRP ledger for minimum requirement to hold XRP is now two times cheaper. And also it is supported by the whole community. This proposal got highlighted in may, when many wallets got deleted because of insufficient XRP tokens. And the controversial deletion was opposed by the validators and supported this amendment. But here it will increase the chance of a denial-of-service attack.   

XRP users can have a separate lite account of XRP wallet, which was launched in April under the name “lite accounts” for XRP and that requires only a minimum of 1 XRP token.

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