XRP will take off once Ripple will settle the case with SEC: Head of Pac Protocol

David Gokhshtein explained how the crypto market will take off with XRP when Ripple will settle its case with the SEC. 

David Gokhshtein is head of the Pac Protocol network & also he is a crypto influencer, who remains active on Twitter to discuss the crypto space. In the latest, he talked about the Ripple vs SEC matter and explained how the end of the legal lawsuit battle between Ripple and SEC will help XRP token. 

David took the reference of a past interview of Ripple CEO  Brad Garlinghouse, where he claimed that Ripple company will settle the case with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) if they will give Clarity on the asset class of Ripple token. 

According to David, if the SEC will give clarity on Ripple’s asset class whether it is securities or not then it will give clarity on the other crypto assets. And all this clarity by the SEC will act as a catalyst for XRP & Crypto market to take off. 

Ripple’s allegation on the SEC 

In a recent interview, Ripple CEO stated that US regulators are responsible for the seventh position of XRP token instead of second. 

According to the Ripple CEO, the SEC only manipulated the market of XRP tokens through their lawsuit. 

The most important thing here in this lawsuit is that the SEC is not ready to give clarity on the XRP token whether it is under securities class or not. And this is going to be the biggest raised concern by the Ripple firm against SEC. 

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