YouTuber Accused For Million Token Pump & Dump Engineering

A youtuber with a huge following denied the allegations for his engineering in pump & dump with their project Million Token.

A huge allegation is against the youtuber reported to make money with Million Token Pump & Dump Scheme.

A youtuber with more than 1.1 million subscribers,Patrick Shyu, is a popular youtuber who was ex- lead of Google tech, is accused of manipulating the market of the coin through his power of holding.

According to reports, Youtuber promoted Million Token through his channel and also claimed that he is holding lots of tokens and he will not sell those tokens.

Million token was launched on IDO which was based on Uniswap platform and the price of Million Token was $1 at the time of launching and after the launch its price increased to around $36.87. 

Allegations say, youthber made $2M without selling his token directly.

Now the price of this token is $15 at the time of writing this article.

A random twitter user,DCF GOD, identified how the youtuber manipulated the market through his engineering. According to him he withdrew his liquidity contribution from the pool and that resulted in a sudden crash in the market and then again invested in the pool to get stability and through this technique he manipulated the token price in his own way.

Youtuber denied all these allegations and he said that he didn’t sell his token and also claimed that people don’t know about the liquidity system accurately. People don’t done how it works and all allegations that are against him to manipulate Million Token are false.

He also compared Million Token with DogeCoin.

He said”

Million Token was just a social experiment for them and people should not treat Million Token as an investment option and it is just a DogeCoin coin that was made just by joke.

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