Network Has ‘Thousands of Assets’ : Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson

Cardano Founder, Charles Hoskinson, replied to a user in response to criticism that Cardano network has ” thousands of assets” and much development work.

In July 2020, Charles Hoskinson predicted many things about the Cardano project and also stated that there will be huge use cases that will exist on the Cardano network. 

He said that next year, hundreds of assets will run on the Cardano chain and thousands of Decentralised applications will operate.

And also there will be huge cases that will occur because of interest token facility ( cardano contract system).

Now this year, a user pointed out that old prediction by Charles Hoskinson and tweeted that everything is not like he said to use. There are only 1-2 projects on which they are working. And the promise of 1000 assets on Cardano chain was also false claim.

So, Charles Hoskinson reoled him on twitter by quoting that tweet. 

And Charles said ” thousands of assets are on Cardano and tons of developers are learning and writing”.

Well here we can see that Cardano’s founder was pretty tight at their place and also more than what he said is happening.

According to present data there are 6900 assets running but there are only two which are Hitting 10,000 Transactions per month and a project named CardanoSpace is in development phase by the Cardano team.

And also we can see, through Mary hard fork Cardano team enables developers to add their native token on Cardano chain easily.

And another recent hard fork named Alonzo on Testnet successfully tested which will be responsible to make decentralised and blockchain and community members became validators.

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So here we can say that a random guy didn’t pay his attention perfectly in the Cardano Project and blindly tried to criticize Charles Hoskinson.

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