¼ of the Aussie crypto users planning to buy crypto Christmas gifts: Reports

A survey suggested that 25% of the crypto investors of Australia want to buy gifts in crypto on the occasion of Christmas day. 

Crypto.com took a small survey from the Aussie crypto traders. In the survey, Crypto.com asked whether Aussie crypto traders would like to go with the Christmas gift related to crypto. Around 2,020 people participated in the poll survey and more than a quarter of the participants in the poll claimed that they will go with crypto-related Christmas gifts. 

Participants in the survey were in the age range 18-59 years. And 26% of participants are in favour of giving away crypto Christmas gift presents. Around 53% are planning to buy crypto Christmas gifts. And in the gift, they would like to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum for their loved one as a Christmas gift. 

However, 43% of these admitted that they would like to go with the crypto-themed socks or hoodies to give to others as a Christmas gift. And also it will be better to move the people towards crypto adoption. And also these people are looking to buy such kinds of items. 

Around 42% of respondents plan to buy crypto coin vouchers, while 35% want to buy crypto books to push people towards crypto education.

¼ of the Aussie crypto users planning to buy crypto Christmas gifts: Reports 1

An 18-year-old high-school graduate Justin El-Sheikh shared his thoughts with the Cointelegraph and said that she is planning to buy a crypto gift card and the main aim will be to push friends to start with small amounts of Bitcoin and setting up a wallet to start to understand the crypto. 

“Heaps of my friends hear about crypto and say that they want to get involved but don’t know how to start. It’s a fun and thoughtful present idea,” 

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