Shiba inu community to support Bitmart against recent hack

Shiba Inu’s official Twitter account showed his support to the Bitmart crypto exchange against a recent hack that resulted in a huge loss for the exchange. 

On 5 December, we reported that Bitmart exchange faced a hack attack and lost around $200 million. This amount of lost funds in the attack was very large in terms of recent hacking attacks in the crypto industry. Hackers reportedly grabbed many crypto assets from the hot wallet of the exchange. In particular, hackers drained around 900 billion Shiba inu tokens. 

Now in the latest, the Shiba inu meme coin project team is giving its helping hand in support of the Bitmart crypto exchange. 

Official Dogecoin killer, Shiba Inu, tweeted that ‘it is a time to support and give love to the Bitmart exchange’. 

Now, what will be help by the Shiba inu community to the Bitmart, is still unclear. Because they didn’t announce any compensation fund or any donation to the Bitmart exchange. But here sympathy is purely supporting Bitmart to remain confident with their services in the future. 

Huobi on Bitmart exchange hack attack 

On the hacking attack incident with the Bitmart crypto exchange, Huobi crypto exchange announced that they will also help the Bitmart exchange at their end. 

Shiba community against scam 

Recently, the Shiba inu team reminded everyone in the crypto community through a tweet that people should remain aware of the possible scam and frauds in the crypto industry. And also noted that there are many people, who are taking advantage of the Shiba inu popularity to scam people. On these concerns, the Shiba inu team suggested every crypto Investor remain away from all kinds of such people.

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