Algorand partners with Israel’s research university to support blockchain education

Algorand Foundation did a special kind of partnership with the University of Israel to push education in the blockchain and crypto industry. 

Besides the better business model, many crypto companies are trying their best to push the real education on Crypto and blockchain-based technology, so that the next generation may work on these technologies to use more perfectly and also can bring a new revolution in the tech industry with their advanced programming.

Through a blog post, Algorand Foundation announced that they established a partnership with Israel’s leading research university, Bar Ilan (BIU). The aim of this partnership is only to push the education among the students about blockchain technology. 

All the undergraduate students, which are inclined to the cryptography knowledge, will get many types of education on blockchain technology like private-information retrieval, oblivious RAM, homomorphic secret sharing, threshold signatures, and private set intersection. 

This education session will run in the school between January 23rd to January 26th, 2022. 

Sean Lee, Algorand Foundation CEO, stated that Algorand Foundation is inclined to support education in blockchain and cryptography to the 12th BIU winter school. Further, he continues:

“Education will facilitate further blockchain adoption, a key focus in the ongoing development of the global Algorand ecosystem.”

BIU confirmed that they will provide the education session through the YouTube video also, so globally every country’s students can access the education. 

Binance support on crypto & blockchain education 

A couple of days ago, the Binance exchange announced that they collaborated with the Nuclio Digital School. The main initiative of Binance is to push education in crypto and Blockchain education. 

Through the blog post, Binance asserted that they will provide education on how to identify Ponzi schemes, meme coins and also aimed to teach on the web3 and blockchain-based Metaverse like blockchain projects. 

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