AMC entertainment will welcome Shiba and Dogecoin, this March

AMC entertainment confirmed the exact time interval to allow the users to buy services with crypto assets including meme coins.

AMC Entertainment is the biggest cinema network company in America and this company grabbed huge attention in 2021 because of crypto inclined initiatives. However, in the whole of 2021, Company claimed that it will accept payments in crypto and also started to take payments in crypto through the gift card system, but the company was not happy with its working system with cryptocurrencies, so later the company CEO again announced to accept payments with Bitpay. 

In the latest, AMC CEO Adam Aron tweeted on this initiative of AMC entertainment to bring a meme crypto-based payment system.

On 6 January, Through the tweet, Aron confirmed that he asked about the work of Shiba inu and Dogecoin-based payment integration to the team. In reply, the AMC team said that they are doing the same and will introduce it perfectly in Q1 2022. 

Through the tweet, Aron hinted that the last month of Q1 may be possible, which means it will take time for AMC to accept Doge and Shiba. 

Earlier this, Aron said that AMC will be the first to accept payments in Shiba inu meme coin through the Bitpay payment network. It seems that the AMC company probably doesn’t want any third party or they want to bring real Dogecoin payment options for the AMC customers. 

Aron Adam supports meme coins 

When Shiba inu token was at peak trend in the crypto industry than at that time, Adam Aron tweeted a poll on Twitter to get a review from the crypto community, whether AMC should go with Shiba inu payment options.

In that poll, the Shiba community-supported more than 90% of the votes in favour of the Shiba inu coin. 

Before the poll for Shiba inu support, AMC entertainment tweeted a poll for Dogecoin payment. In the case of Dogecoin payment adoption, the community supported by more than 80%.

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