Bitpay will support Shiba inu token payment, on AMC entertainment demand

AMC Entertainment CEO explained how they are going to accept meme coin shib to provide entertainment services through their platform. 

A few days back, AMC CEO Adam Aron, said that they will give support to the crypto payments directly. But they didn’t elaborate on how they will accept all flagship coins to offer their services to people. 

Now today on 16 November, Adam Aron said that they requested payment gateway firm Bitpay to accept Shiba inu so that AMC entertainment can accept Shiba inu meme token-based payments. 

And also through the tweet, Aron claimed that his initiative of crypto payments will be live by the next 60-120 days. And with this, AMC will be the first to accept the Shiba inu token through Bitpay.

It is worth noting, AMC entertainment accepts crypto payments through the gift cards system. A user needed to buy a gift card and then use the same for buying AMC’s services. But recently, Adam said that they will accept crypto payments directly. Probably the whole idea was based on the Bitpay payment gateway integration in the AMC entertainment application.

Shiba inu: overhyped? 

It seems that Shiba inu is getting overhyped, as per crypto experts. Because recently two major and popular crypto exchanges listed Shiba inu coin. 

These two exchanges are the Gemini crypto exchange and the Indian crypto unicorn CoinDCX. 

And also the CEO of KuCoin exchange said that Shib is the best crypto to hold for the long term. Shiba inu meme coins have the potential to give returns in the long term. KuCoim CEO also said that the surge in Shiba inu is only part of the retail investors mainly and they are supporting the Shiba inu community perfectly.

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